By Whiz and Command, a Topsail Whiz son, and out of 86 Carats, a Hollywood Jac 86 bred mare, he was bred with reining in mind. This lends to his athleticism and good-mindedness. With cowboy mounted shooting becoming more and more popular, his owners, Dave and Rhonda Gallaher decided to have him trained for the sport by yours truly. At first, he wasn't crazy about his new job. He got better at home, but his first shoot to do exhibition he had enough and bolted off. He had been hauled a bunch as a youngster, so the fact that it was new surroundings wasn't a problem. Back to the training pen. By the time fall rolled around he was sent home to have the winter off. I remember Dave saying, "maybe he'll go home and think about it all winter and come back better in the spring, he's like that ya know." Well, if he didn't call it! When Git'r came back he picked up where we left off and was better than I had left him. He was ready. 

2014 Shooting season proved to be the start of great things for Git'r. In this season alone, his first real season, he managed to grasp on to several titles including PA and NY state Rifle Champion, NE Regional Rifle Champion, NE Regional Overall Champion, AQHA All American Quarter Horse Congress Reserve Rifle Champion, and AQHA All American Quarter Horse Congress Overall Champion. He was also the PA High Point Cowboy and Rifle horse. While at Murfreesboro, at the Eastern Nationals, he was a bit sluggish and his pilot missed, but managed to qualify for the AQHA World show in Houston, TX. Then we arrive at winter again. Not having an indoor arena in PA is not the best recipe for success when trying to get legged up for an early spring shoot.

After a very long and cold winter Git'r was hauled to FL in Feb. for a quick week of riding in the deep sand to build him up as much as possible for the World show that was quickly approaching. Then he had two weeks off before heading south once more. Stopping in TN, we were able to ride a little and give Git'r a break from the trailer. Then on to TX. At the World show Gitr managed to make the top 10 by placing 7th in the Open class of shooters. He also showed them Texans that he could hang with the best of them in the rifle class by coming in third only behind Chad Little and Jim Hansen.What a rush!! Too bad rifle isn't recognized by AQHA yet, as we didn't get a bronze trophy! 

So here we are with another shooting season well under way. Git'r has not only learned to tolerate the challenges that the sport presents, but has embraced it and almost seems to like it. When he enters the arena he has his ritual. First he looks around. Then he has to empty his bowels. Next, when asked to lope a warm up circle, you can feel a different energy come over him. Not a hot, prancy, uncontrollable energy, just an "I'm ready, let's do this" energy. Then he runs a smooth, efficient run, walks out of the arena, and would stand ground tied till the cows came home (unless of course there's food nearby). Grace, my daughter, can get up on him to "cool him out" for me. He never acts study around other horses and I totally trust him with my little girl. Not too many stallions can truly make these claims, but he can. Git'r has won quite a bit in the last year, but most of all he has won my heart. 

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